Cast Steel Multi-Turn Valves and More

Whether you need reliable gate valves, globe valves, or check valves, you can count on high-quality, high-performance steel to provide the flow control you need.

The right valve for the job depends on the right materials.

Your piping system requires specific valve types to do its job properly—ball valves and globe valves for precise throttling, gate valves for sealing, check valves for backflow prevention—but knowing the right types of valves is only half the battle. Knowing the right materials for your valves is exceptionally important for providing reliable flow control solutions.

American Stainless provides the absolute best in globe valves, check valves, gate valves, and more.

Why Is Cast Steel Great for Valves?

Cast steel, including stainless steel and carbon steel, provides a wide range of advantages for valve materials of all types. With exceptionally high tensile strength and toughness, cast steel multi-turn valves and other valve types can stand up to the rigors of high-pressure and high-temperature applications.

Certain alloys of cast steel, especially stainless, also feature high corrosion resistance and hygienic properties that make them extremely useful in corrosive environments or industries like food and beverage or pharmaceuticals, where sanitary and high-purity processes are paramount.

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Exploring Cast Steel Options for Valves

Stainless steel threaded pipe fittings on a black background.

Stainless Steel

Due to its high chromium content, stainless steel is easy to clean and highly corrosion resistant. Stainless steel valves are exceptionally useful for chemical processing, food and beverages, and marine industries where cleanliness and durability matter.

Carbon Steel Black ball valve with a blue handle positioned on a wooden surface

Carbon Steel

With a high carbon content, carbon steel is a form of cast steel with excellent strength and wear resistance but lower corrosion resistance, making it a cost-effective material for cast steel valves and other valve types in general industry applications.

Stainless steel check valve on black background

Low-Alloy Cast Steel

With a low proportion of alloying elements, low-alloy cast steel provides valves with strength, toughness, and corrosion resistance, which makes them suitable for high-performance industrial applications.

Production of high quality industrial metal valves and production worker doing quality control.

High-Alloy Cast Steel

Cast steel valves with a high proportion of alloying elements can offer unique mixtures of high tensile strength, toughness, and resistance to wear, heat, or corrosion that make them ideal for demanding industrial applications.

Let us help you find the right cast steel valves for your applications.

Stainless steel flanged gate valve with a blue handwheel on a white background

Cast Steel Globe Valves

Utilizing a disk or plug in a globe-shaped body, globe valves provide precise throttling and regulation of flow rates that make them essential infrastructure for the oil and gas, petrochemical, power generation, and water treatment industries.

Cast steel provides globe valves with the durability and strength to stand up to high-pressure, high-temperature fluids. Easy to service, clean, and maintain, cast steel globe valves offer reliable performance and a long service life.

Silver industrial check valve with flanged connections on a speckled background.

Cast Steel Check Valves

Using wafer-thin disks, balls, diaphragms, or plates, check valves provide essential protection against backflow in fluid piping systems. Carbon and stainless steel flow control valves for water utilize check valve systems to keep water free of chemicals or contaminants in water and wastewater treatment facilities as well as food and beverage systems.

From wafer check valves to lift check valves to dual plate, liquid transfer, swing, and ball check valves, American Stainless provides the right solutions for backflow protection in the right types of cast steel to meet your unique industrial applications.

Blue industrial flanged ball valve with a red lever handle on a white background.

Cast Steel Ball Valves

Coming in many shapes and sizes, ball valves provide excellent and versatile flow control and throttling across a wide range of industrial applications, with cast steel providing the temperature and pressure resistance, sturdiness, longevity, and corrosion resistance needed for demanding industrial processes and sanitary applications.

Household stainless steel check valve with black handles isolated on white background

Cast Steel Gate Valves

Providing unique flow shut-off capabilities for tight seals in various conditions and environments, steel gate valves stand up to the rigors of high-pressure, high-temperature, and aggressive environments.

Applications of Cast Steel Flow Control Valves for Water and Other Fluids

From water to chemical fluids to gases and steam, cast steel in all its form provides the right material for valves across a vast range of industries. From stainless steel valves for food and beverage processes to carbon steel ball valves for high-pressure system regulation, American Stainless provides the best flow control solutions for your industry with impeccable material quality.

Oil and Gas

Pipelines, refineries, and processing plants need cast steel valves to stand up to high-pressure and high-temperature critical systems upstream and downstream.

Water/Wastewater Treatment

Flow control valves for water, sludge, chemicals, and other materials in water distribution, treatment, and desalination plants depend on stainless steel.

Power Generation

Robust stainless steel valves and other types of cast steel valves are essential for controlling the flow of steam and water through boilers, turbines, and cooling systems.

Chemical Processing

Cast steel, especially stainless steel valves, play a crucial role in chemicals and petrochemicals due to their high corrosion resistance and durability, ensuring a long lifetime of reliable flow control.

Mining and Mineral Processing

With their strength and durability, cast steel valves can handle abrasive materials and stand up to harsh operating conditions in processing plants, conveying systems, and mineral extraction processes.

Food, Beverage, and Pharmaceuticals

Since stainless steel valves are easy to clean and maintain, their hygienic properties make them well suited to applications where cleanliness and high purity are essential for quality and safe products.

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