Industrial Plastics

American Stainless isn’t just about steel. We connect you to the highest standards of thermoplastic PVF products to withstand the rigors of your applications and save you time, energy, and money.

Plastic PVF Products Must Hold Up to the Demands of Your Industrial Processes

From thermosetting plastics to composites, industrial thermoplastics such as PVC, CPVC, polyethylene, polypropylene, and polystyrene offer a wide range of benefits for piping systems, ducting and ventilation systems, structural products and more.

Combining high strength, durability, and chemical resistance with light weight and low friction properties, industrial plastics have a variety of useful applications in many industries, including yours. We’re here to provide you with all of the industrial plastic products you need.

Choose the Right Industrial Plastic Products

Thermoplastics and composite materials make industrial plastic products strong enough to withstand the rigors of your industrial applications while remaining light enough to easily handle, install, and operate, reducing the weight, energy consumption, and overall costs of your complex industrial products, equipment, and systems.

Our thermoplastic offerings include plastic pipe and Teflon coated pipes, fabricated products, Aquatherm polypropylene pipe, instrumentation, gaskets, and more.

Aquatherm – The Original Polypropylene Piping Systems

American Stainless is proud to be a distributor of Aquatherm polypropylene pipe products. As a leader in plastic pipe products, Aquatherm makes use of polypropylene – an ideal material for heating and cooling systems, potable water systems, industrial piping systems, and other pressurized mechanical and plumbing applications.

Benefits of Polypropylene Pipe

Polypropylene is a popular material for plumbing, water, and wastewater management systems in a wide range of industries, including industrial, commercial, and residential applications. Green polypropylene fabricated to high standards of sustainability to be free of heavy metals and toxic chemicals are useful for potable water applications as well.

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    Chemical Resistant

    Polypropylene is extremely resistant to chemicals, making it ideal for corrosive environments.

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    Polypropylene pipe resists impacts, abrasion, and stress cracking and is also UV-resistant.

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    Compared to copper and steel piping, polypropylene pipe is light and easy to handle and install.

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    Compared to other pipe materials and other thermoplastics, polypropylene requires minimal maintenance.

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    With a lower cost-per-foot, easier installation, and fewer maintenance concerns than other pipe materials, polypropylene lowers operating costs.

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    When polypropylene pipes reach the end of their service life, you can reuse and recycle them, making them very sustainable choices for your plumbing systems.

Plastic Pipe Products

Lightweight and easy to install with high chemical resistance, excellent flexibility, and low thermal conductivity, industrial plastic pipes and piping systems provide a myriad of benefits for your industrial applications.

Plastic pipes have a long lifespan, reducing the costs of maintenance and replacement.

Teflon Coated Pipes

Teflon, or PTFE lined pipe combines the lightweight, strong, chemically resistant properties of plastic pipe with the nonstick, low-friction, temperature-resistant properties of Teflon.

PTFE lined pipe reduces the buildup of contaminants on the pipe’s inner surface, reduces energy consumption, and is useful for high-temperature applications.

Other Industrial Plastic Products

Thermoplastics make for useful, versatile materials for industrial equipment that can be designed and customized to meet specific needs and conform to specific form factors. Our offerings include: Tanks, Fabricated Tanks and Vessels, Hoses, Pumps, Gratings and Other Structural Products

Polypropylene Pipe Applications

Applications of polypropylene pipe products include:

  • Chilled water and compressed air transport
  • Cooling towers and other cooling and heating systems
  • Geothermal and industrial applications
  • Potable water and food grade systems (domestic water piping, food and beverage industry, etc.)
  • Fire protection systems

Polypropylene pipe can be prefabricated to spec and easily assembled on-site to simplify your projects and boost your profits.

Nut-Bolt Gaskets (NBGs)

Industrial thermoplastics are popular materials for nut-bolt gaskets that require both flexibility and durability to stand up to industrial applications. Compared to traditional gasket materials such as paper, plastic NBGs provide many benefits that ensure reliable and long-lasting sealing performance for industrial use.

Our NBG kits provide a comprehensive selection of pre-engineered gaskets, nuts, bolts, and washers to provide reliable, cost-effective sealing and simplified installation for a wide range of industrial applications.

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    Chemical Resistant

    From chemical processing to refineries to wastewater treatment, plastic NBGs withstand exposure to the harsh chemicals of these environments.

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    Temperature and Pressure Resistance

    Plastic gaskets withstand high temperatures and pressures without degrading, deforming, or leaking, making them useful for boiler systems, hydraulic systems, pipelines, and more.

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    Compared to other, more short-lived gasket materials, plastic gaskets do not degrade over time, extending their service life and reducing the need for frequent maintenance and replacement.

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    Fabricating custom plastic NGBs to meet specific requirements for your use cases, including size, shape, and material composition, ensures a perfect fit for your applications.

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    Easy Installation

    Plastic NGBs are easy to install, maintain, and replace should the need arise without requiring specialized tools or equipment.

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    Combining their longer service life, reduced maintenance requirements, and lower replacement costs, plastic nut-bolt gaskets provide cost savings for your operations.

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