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American Stainless connects you to the highest standards of control valves and valve automation products to keep your essential equipment and systems running smoothly.

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From heavy machinery such as cranes and loaders to critical systems like conveyor belts and assembly lines, your industrial processes depend heavily on the right valves, manufactured and delivered with an eye for impeccable quality, to get the job done right.

At American Stainless, we offer a wide range of pneumatic and hydraulic control valves and related valve automation products to ensure the safe and efficient operation of your vital machinery and equipment. When you’re in need, we get it to you ASAP—on your schedule, not anyone else’s.

Control Valve Products

Choosing the right control valve to suit the unique needs of your machinery, systems, and equipment makes all the difference. Control valves come in all shapes and sizes, and we’re here to provide just the valves you need to regulate your hydraulic systems.

Control Valves

Offering precise control, automation, energy efficiency, improved safety in industrial processes, and and reduced maintenance costs, control valves provide essential benefits across many industries.

Our pneumatic and hydraulic control valve offerings include:

V-Ball Control Valves
V-shaped hydraulic ball valves allow for precise flow of fluids

Segmented Control Valves
Independently adjust multiple segments for versatile and varied flow characteristics

Global Style Control Valves
Globe-shaped valve bodies provide precise flow control in oil and gas, water treatment, and other industrial applications

Triple Duty Valves

Triple duty valves combine throttling, check, and isolation functions into a single compact package, controlling the flow of fluid while preventing backflow and allowing for ease of maintenance and repair.

Also known as three-way valves or mixing valves, triple duty valves can easily be integrated into most industrial automation systems with seamless integration with process control systems.

The multi-functional design of triple duty valves provide space and cost savings, simplify your piping system, and provide improved and often energy-efficient process control. From HVAC systems to thermal control systems, heat exchangers, and triple duty valves handle a wide range of industrial environments.

Safety Relief Valves

Hydraulic safety valves open automatically when pressure exceeds a set point. These automatic valves prevent catastrophic failure in applications where safety is critical, such as in chemical processing plants and refineries.

Safety valves provide pressure relief for your piping system and its components, preventing costly and potentially dangerous incidents such as ruptured pipelines, damaged vessels or bursting pipes.

Safety relief valves are useful as backup and redundancy features in your piping infrastructure and can be installed in parallel or in series to ensure continuous protection and maintain system reliability.

Steam Control Products and Strainers

American Stainless provides a wide variety of products for industrial pipe and steam systems, including steam traps, skids, and strainers, to improve the energy efficiency of your steam and flow control infrastructure, prevent equipment damage, and reduce maintenance and repair costs.

Steam Traps

Condensate removal is essential to preventing the accumulation of liquid in steam distribution systems and wastage of steam. Steam traps provide efficient condensate removal and transport for steam systems to improve efficiency, prevent equipment damage and energy loss, remove non-condensible gases from your steam systems, and maintain system stability.

Steam and Control Products

American Stainless offers a wide range of steam and control products for your piping systems, including skids for pumps, heat exchangers, meters and filtration systerms, and compressors.

American Stainless mounts pre-assembled and pre-engineered equipment, customized to meet specific application demands, onto standardized skids for easy installation and transport.


Strainers provide reliable particle and solid contaminant removal from industrial pipe and steam systems, protecting downstream equipment from damage and fouling.

American Stainless provides strainers in various types, sizes, and materials to accommodate specific requirements for your industry.

Valve Automation

In addition to all the control valve types your system may need, we also connect you to peerless valve automation products, including pneumatic, electric, and hydraulic valve automation tools. From small automated valve systems to large systems, we handle custom valve automation in-house with the peerless service and attention to detail we are known for.

Valve Actuators

American Stainless supplies valve actuators to enable the remote control and operation of your valve systems without the need for manual intervention.

Valve actuators can seamlessly be integrated with industrial automation systems and retrofitted into existing manual valve control systems.

Valve Positioners

In valve automation systems, ensuring the accurate positioning and control of valves is essential to ensuring process stability.

We offer valve positioners to provide precise valve control and monitoring to enhance the overall efficiency and effectiveness of your industrial control systems.

Valve Switches

Also known as limit switches or position switches, valve switches play a crucial role in safety and interlock systems, simplifying and streamlining maintenance and troubleshooting operations.

Valve switches are useful for identifying stuck valves or faulty actuators, diagnosing system malfunctions, and detecting abnormal operating conditions.

Unrivaled Quality and Service, No Matter What

From one industry to another, every customer’s needs are different, but they all have one thing in common — they need their valve control and automation products when it works best for them, not when it works best for their distributor, and nobody likes getting surprised when the bill comes around.

We focus on providing the best customer service we can possibly provide, from same-day service to ASAP fulfillment and deliver to organized packaging and upfront, no-surprises price quoting.

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