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Carbon steel tubing suppliers you can rely on in a pinch are essential to keeping your projects on schedule and under budget. You need products that meet the highest standards of quality so your pipe infrastructure can stand up to the rigors of its operational environment, delivered when you need them—not when it’s convenient for your supplier.

Choose a carbon pipe supplier that knows what you need.

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We understand the challenges you face in your industry and provide the carbon pipe and tubing solutions you need to stay on top of your projects. Pipe fabricators and construction contractors need carbon steel to provide pulp and paper mills, steel mills, food and beverage processing facilities, and beyond with effective solutions for critical pipe infrastructure, and we’re here to provide.

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Reap the Benefits of Carbon Pipe and Tube

Pipe systems come in all shapes and sizes, and so do check valves. Various industrial applications have their own requirements and demands for reliable non-return valves, necessitating a wide variety of check valve types to hold up to various pressures, temperatures, pipe diameters, and other constraints and considerations.

Industrial carbon pipe system for fluid transport against a blue sky

High Strength
and Durability

Carbon steel is known for its exceptional strength and durability. When your pipe system needs to stand up to high pressure, extreme temperatures, and heavy loads, carbon pipe and carbon tubes provide long-lasting performance and reliability.

Welder joining carbon tube with bright sparks flying

Easy to Weld
and Install

Installing and modifying pipelines and tubing systems is more efficient with carbon steel. Carbon tubing and pipe are easier to weld than many other materials, reducing installation time and simplifying fabrication and assembly processes for your projects.

Equipment, cables and carbon fiber tubing found inside of a thermal power station in blue tones.

Cost-Effective Pipe
and Tubing

Compared to other metals used in industrial pipe and tubing applications, carbon pipe and tubing offer a favorable balance between performance and price while reducing maintenance and replacement costs long-term for your infrastructure.

Carbon steel pipes in crude oil factory or Petrochemical oil refinery in industry zone.

Pipe Solutions

Carbon tube and pipe are ideal for a vast range of applications across construction, manufacturing, energy, transportation, and beyond. Carbon steel’s adaptability, cost-effectiveness, and strength make it a preferred choice for many diverse industries.

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The process of measuring the thickness of a carbon fiber pipe using a caliper with a digital scale.

Comprehensive Sizing and Fitting for Carbon Pipe and Tube

Pipe infrastructure is not one-size-fits all. The right size pipe is critical for preventing leakage, avoiding overpressure or underpressure, and keeping your systems running smoothly, efficiently, and safely.

The best carbon steel tubing suppliers know this, and keep a well-stocked inventory of pipe and tube products in any size your project calls for.

Our carbon pipe and tubing products are available from a minimum of 1/8″ IPS to a maximum of 12″ OD, with wall thicknesses ranging from .020″ (25 gauge) to .120″ (11 gauge).

Pipe Sizes:

1/8″ IPS – 48″ OD

Tube Sizes:

1/8″ IPS – 12″ OD

Pipe Schedules:

  • S5

  • S10

  • S40

  • S80

  • S160

  • XH

  • XXH

Tube Wall Thickness:

  • .020″ (25 gauge)

  • .035″ (20 gauge)

  • .049″ (18 gauge)

  • .065″ (16 gauge)

  • .083″ (14 gauge)

  • .120″ (11 gauge)

The Highest Quality Carbon Steel Pipe

Welded or seamless carbon steel pipe and tube in any size or schedule your project calls for—at American Stainless, our inventories are stocked with a wide array of carbon tubing and pipe, sourced from leading manufacturers with rigorous manufacturing standards to ensure consistent and reliable product quality for every single order.

Our relationships with the best carbon steel pipe and tube manufacturers mean you only get the best from us.

Carbon Tube Suppliers on Your Timeline

How many times have you dealt with carbon pipe suppliers who processed your orders on their own timelines, without seemingly having any regard for your own project deadlines? At American Stainless, we adhere to a custom quality system that holds us to a more rigorous level of customer service than the highest ISO standards for on-time, accurate shipments and swift customer service.

We pay attention to your deadlines and get you the carbon tube and pipe products you need—when you need them.

Friendly Customer Service

We set ourselves apart from other carbon pipe and carbon tube suppliers across the US Southeast with an unparalleled commitment to 100% customer satisfaction from start to finish. That doesn’t just mean fast, accurate, on-time delivery—it means our customer service team is there for you from minute one to provide deep insight into your industry and help you make the most informed decisions possible about the right PVF products and materials for your projects.

Choose carbon steel tube and pipe products with confidence, backed by a supplier who has your back.

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