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At American Stainless and Supply, we’re dedicated to being your leading industrial pipe, fitting, and valve distributor for your most critical industrial systems, from purity and sanitation to HVAC to pulp and paper milling and beyond.

Don’t let the name fool you – we do much more than stainless, working with all the materials that meet your standards and requirements from steel to aluminum to copper, plastics, and special alloys.

The American Stainless Way – Our Vision and Values

The core focus of American Stainless is to create an unrivaled customer experience as an industrial pipe and valve distributor built on living out our values through exceptional service everyday

The Customer Is First

Nothing is more important to us than making sure our customers know that we can come through for them in a pinch. We’re always available to answer questions, provide support, and solve problems, and stand by our 98% on-time accuracy rating so you can stay focused on your core business without worrying about the reliability of your supplier.

Passion Is Essential

We’re passionate about service–going above and beyond to meet the unique needs of industrial contractors and fabricators who rely on us. Attention to detail is critical, and we work tirelessly to ensure that every component and material we provide is of the highest quality and meets the specific requirements of each project.

Growth Is Constant

In the constantly evolving world of industrial pipe distribution, a commitment to continuous learning, growth, and improvement is vital for our success. We prioritize the individual growth and development of our teams to stay ahead of the competition, deliver value to our customers, and create a culture of innovation and progress that benefits everyone.

Teamwork Is Everything

The success of a team is not just about individual talents, but also their commitment to putting their egos aside and working together towards a common goal. As we strive to become the leading regional distributor of pipe, valves and fittings (PVF) in the Southeast, we know that this goal can only be achieved by everyone working together and giving their best effort.

A Commitment to Quality Standards

We go beyond compliance with our very own quality standard and processes that allow us to achieve accurate, on-time shipments and unparalleled customer support among pipe distributors. We consistently achieve this goal through implementation of the following:

  • ISO Compliant Quality System

  • Standardized and Efficient Processes

  • Operator Instruction Cards

  • Customer and Vendor Concern Notices

  • Internal Department Catches

  • Vendor Scorecards

  • Customer Surveys

AMS.QS: 2011

We maintain quality standards for our industrial pipe products that are so high they put us in a league of our own when it comes to attention to detail and speedy, efficient delivery.

Unlike other industrial pipe suppliers, we don’t ship on a set schedule when it’s convenient for us – we send you what you need, when you need it, as quickly as humanly possible. Our attention to detail and superior packaging methods mean you get only the best products, on time, in organized shipments.

Meet Our Team

Sam Hancock


Jason Gentry

VP of Operations

Craig McGilvray

Purchasing Manager

Louis Anderson


Industries Served

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality pipe, valves, fittings, flanges, structural shapes, and more – anytime you see steam coming from a plant or crane, our products are there:



Food & Beverage


Pipe Fabricators

Pulp & Paper

Steel Mills

And more!

Career Opportunities at American Stainless & Supply

We bring together a team of exceptional people to develop lasting partnerships as the industrial pipe supplier of choice in all the markets we serve. If you’re a problem solver who lives and breathes customer service, there could be a place for you at American Stainless!

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