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Bring the highest quality in industrial plastic tubing, pipe, and hose to your projects with American Stainless’ unparalleled excellence among plastic pipe suppliers.

The Right Supplier for Your Plastic Tubes and Pipe Makes All the Difference

Delays in your project timeline, costly repairs and replacements, leaky and unreliable plastic pipe, tube, and hose for your critical applications—these are just a few of the risks you take when you can’t rely on your supplier for plastic PVF products delivered on your terms.

Plastic pipe suppliers with an eye for quality keep your projects on time, on budget, and delivering reliable performance.

From Plastic Water Pipe to Clear Tubing and Plastic Hose, American Stainless Provides

Construction contractors and pipe fabricators in industrial manufacturing, the food and beverage producers, pharmaceuticals, and other key industries across the American Southeast need reliable plastic PVF products that meet the highest standards of quality and are at their fingertips whenever the need arises—and that’s why contractors and fabricators trust American Stainless for plastic pipe supply.

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Explore Industrial Applications of Plastic Pipe, Tube, and Hose Products

Plastic tubes with blue connectors for Water Utilities installation in ground

Water Utilities and
Chemical Processing

Because industrial plastics are highly chemical resistant and won’t rust, plastic water pipe is essential and cost-effective solutions for agricultural and landscaping irrigation, municipal and industrial potable water supply, and chemical processing, and plastic pipe for plumbing.

Assorted plastic tubes used in medical and food sectors

Medical, Food, and
Beverage Processing

Clear tubing utilizes strong, transparent industrial plastics for medical applications, laboratory settings, and food and beverage production processes to provide visibility into critical fluid transport systems to maintain efficiency and safety.

Buried plastic tubes in soil for agriculture and industry use

Chemical, Agriculture, and
Manufacturing Industry

Plastic hose products provide strong, flexible coolant and fuel lines for pneumatic material handling systems and machining operations in a variety of manufacturing settings, as well as safe and effective fluid transport for chemical processing and irrigation.

Industrial setup using high purity and hygienic plastic piping systems.

High Purity and Hygienic
Plastic Pipe, Hose, and Tube

Pharmaceutical industry and food and beverage processes rely on plastic pipe suppliers to provide pipe and tubing that meet the highest and most exacting standards of cleanliness to ensure the safest and most reliable production processes.

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Choosing the Right Industrial Plastic Pipe Materials

American Stainless offers a variety of industrial thermoplastics known for their utility as reliable pipe and tube materials, including:


Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) balances high strength and chemical resistance with light weight, making it a cost-effective choice for plastic pipe and tube infrastructure that can stand up to the rigors of industrial operations.


Chlorinated PVC (CPVC) delivers improved flexibility and more robust temperature and pressure tolerances that make it exceptionally useful for industrial chemical applications, plastic pipe for plumbing, insulation, and fire protection systems.


Thermoplastics like polypropylene (PPL) are chemical resistant, durable, lightweight, low-maintenance, cost-effective, and eco-friendly, ideal for pressurized mechanical and industrial plumbing applications.

Assorted plastic pipe sizes in yellow and black for construction.

Choosing the Right Plastic Pipe Sizes

No matter your industry, nothing is more important than having the right size plastic pipe and tube for your projects.

Without sizes, schedules, and tube wall thicknesses that match your existing infrastructure and are suited to your pipe infrastructure’s operating environment, you risk leakage, underpressure, or overpressure situations that could impact efficiency and cause potential safety issues.

As plastic tube suppliers, American Stainless maintains a wide range of pipe and tube sizes in our inventory to suit your projects, from a minimum of 1/8″ IPS to a maximum of 12″ OD, with wall thicknesses ranging from .020″ (25 gauge) to .120″ (11 gauge).

Pipe Sizes:

1/8″ IPS – 48″ OD

Tube Sizes:

1/8″ IPS – 12″ OD

Pipe Schedules:

  • S5

  • S10

  • S40

  • S80

  • S160

  • XH

  • XXH

Tube Wall Thickness:

  • .020″ (25 gauge)

  • .035″ (20 gauge)

  • .049″ (18 gauge)

  • .065″ (16 gauge)

  • .083″ (14 gauge)

  • .120″ (11 gauge)

Why Make American Stainless Your Plastic Tube and Pipe Supplier?

With a vast inventory of plastic pipe, tube, and hose products to suit a wide range of industrial applications including pulp and paper mills, chemical handling, potable water plumbing, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, and other agribusiness fields, American Stainless is dedicated to peerless quality in our products and in our service—every step of the way.

Source Your Pipe from Leading PVF Manufacturers

Welded and seamless PVC, CPVC, and PPL pipe and tube in any size or schedule your project calls for—American Stainless knows that quality and variety are paramount, so we partner with the best in plastic hose, pipe, and tube manufacturers to get you the parts you need in the highest possible quality.

The Plastic Tubes You Need, Delivered On Your Timeline

Our extensive inventory is at your fingertips when you need it. Unlike other plastic pipe suppliers who make their deliveries on their own timelines for their convenience, American Stainless prioritizes individual customer timelines and deadlines to ensure that your order arrives as soon as humanly possible from your first contact with us.

Receive Deep Industry Insights With a Smile

Our friendly customer service team have a deep, thorough knowledge of the industries our customers work in. Give us the details about your project and we’ll provide our own recommendations and insights so you can make the most informed decision possible about the plastic tube and pipe you need.

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