Special Alloys for Industrial Pipe and Tube

From Alloy 20 to Stainless Steel 316, you’ll find the exact blend of stainless steel alloys your project needs with the ultimate in wholesale pipe and tube supply.

Not All Steel Alloys Are Created Equal

Stainless steel comes in many different forms, with different alloys providing unique blends of corrosion resistance, durability, and efficiency for certain industries. A pipe and tube supplier with deep knowledge of the many options for special alloys can help you prevent corrosion and fractures, mitigate safety hazards, maintain regulatory compliance, and keep your projects running smoothly with the right pipe and tube products.

American Stainless stands head and shoulders above other alloy tube suppliers as your ally in procuring the right pipe for the job.

High Quality Alloy Tubing and Pipe from a Supplier Who Knows Quality and Speed

Pipe fabricators and construction contractors need the right blend of stainless steel alloys to ensure pulp and paper mills, steel mills, food and beverage processing facilities, and other industrial manufacturers have pipe infrastructure that meets and exceeds the quality standards their processes demand. American Stainless delivers the highest quality alloy tubing ASAP with unparalleled commitment to customer satisfaction.

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The Right Stainless Alloy Makes All the Difference

Stainless Steel 304

With a high chromium and nickel content, Stainless Steel 304, also known as 18/8, offers convenient weldability and formability with excellent corrosion resistance in non-severe environments, making 304 suitable for many general applications.

Stainless Steel 316

Small amounts of carbon and titanium provide Stainless Steel 316 with improved corrosion resistance over 304, especially in marine environments, and are useful for coastal water transport, pharmaceutical processes, and medical devices.

Stainless Steel 317

With excellent strength and corrosion resistance, Stainless Steel 317 improves on the high temperature resistance of 316 and 304 as well, making it suitable for many pipe systems in chemical processing and pulp and paper mills.

Alloy 20 Stainless Steel

This stainless steel alloy provides exceptional corrosion resistance, especially for sulfuric acid. Chemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, petrochemical, and pulp and paper processing equipment depend on Alloy 20 pipe and tube.

Find the Right Stainless Steel Blend for the Pipe and Tube Your Project Demands

Choosing the Right Alloy Pipe and Tube

Contractors and pipe fabricators know their clients need to depend on their pipe and tube fabrications to get the job done right as part of their essential fluid transport infrastructure. Choosing the right blend of alloy materials for stainless steel pipe ensures pipe systems can handle the unique rigors of various industrial applications and operating environments.

Stainless steel special alloys pipes in pharmaceutical production line


  • Stainless Steel 304 for non-critical applications

  • Stainless Steel 316L for compliance with strict purity standards

Industrial stainless steel pipes at a food processing facility.

Food and Beverage

  • Stainless Steel 316 for compliance with food safety standards

  • Alloy 20 Stainless Steel for excellent corrosion resistance

Industrial plant with stainless steel pipes for pulp and paper production

Pulp and Paper

  • Stainless Steel 316 for corrosion resistance

  • Stainless Steel 317 or Alloy 20 for acidic environments

Assorted special alloy pipe and tube sizes in a warehouse

Choosing the Right Size Pipe and Tube

Choosing the right size stainless alloy tubing and pipe for your project is as crucial as choosing the right alloy to prevent leakage, minimize the risk of safety hazards, and keep your pipe infrastructure running smoothly.

We keep a well-stocked inventory of in-demand stainless steel alloy pipe and tube in all of the sizes your project might require, including:

  • 2-4-inch steel tubing for process piping in food and beverage production and chemical processing
  • 6-10-inch pipes for water treatment, petrochemical, and other mid-size industrial processes
  • 20-inch steel pipe for high-flow rate industrial applications

Pipe Sizes:

1/8″ IPS – 48″ OD

Tube Sizes:

1/8″ IPS – 12″ OD

Pipe Schedules:

  • S5

  • S10

  • S40

  • S80

  • S160

  • XH

  • XXH

Tube Wall Thickness:

  • .020″ (25 gauge)

  • .035″ (20 gauge)

  • .049″ (18 gauge)

  • .065″ (16 gauge)

  • .083″ (14 gauge)

  • .120″ (11 gauge)

American Stainless: Your Allies in Special Alloy Pipe and Tube

With our relationships with leading PVF manufacturers, commitment to accurate and on-time order fulfillment, and extensive knowledge of your industry’s unique needs and requirements, we are here to ensure your projects stay on-budget and on-schedule while delivering superior results.

Assortment of high-quality special alloy pipes and tubes on gray background.

High Quality Pipe and Tube

For your pipe and tube infrastructure to deliver efficient, safe, and cost-effective results, you need the highest quality stainless alloy pipe and tube.

Our relationships with leading PVF manufacturers ensure you only ever receive alloy tubing and pipe that will stand the test of time.

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Fast, Accurate Delivery

The last thing you want is for your projects to get held up by supply chain snafus or by alloy tube suppliers who would rather deliver on their schedules, not yours.

With our peerless quality system, we commit to providing the parts you need ASAP—so you don’t have to worry about project delays or time and cost overruns.

Smiling employee with special alloy pipes and tubes on display shelves.

Extensive Insight

With so many types of stainless steel to choose from, selecting the right alloy tubing and pipe to suit your industry’s demands can be a challenge.

Our customer service professionals know your industry inside and out and can assist you in making accurate, informed choices of stainless alloy for your pipe projects.

Ensure the Special Alloys Your Pipe Projects Need Are Always at Your Fingertips

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