Structural Products and Shapes

From square tube to steel tube in any shape to sheet metal, plate metal, grating, angles, and more, we provide structural and shaping materials in all sizes and gauges for your equipment and infrastructure.

Heavy Machinery Needs Heavy-Duty Support

From supports for heavy process machinery and equipment to construction scaffolding to fencing, gates, and handrails, square and rectangular tubing plays an essential role in providing the strong, yet lightweight structural support that keeps your industrial processes running smoothly and your work environment safe and accident-free.

The highest quality square and rectangular tubing and the right materials makes all the difference.

Choose the Right Materials for Your Structural Square Tubes

From galvanized steel square tube to carbon, there’s a lot more than stainless steel that American Stainless brings to market. Your unique needs calls for the right material to stand up to the rigors of your daily operations. Let us help you make sure to pick the right material for the job.

Carbon Steel

Carbon-steel alloys provide cost-effective strength and durability. Heat-resistant and easy to weld and form, carbon structural is useful for industrial piping and fabrication systems.

Galvanized Steel

Galvanized steel offers high strength, durability, and corrosion resistance thanks to the hot dipped galvanizing process. Compared to other types of steel, galvanized steel is a cost-effective option for construction and fabrication projects as well as industrial piping systems.

Galvanized steel is easy to weld and form to fit the needs of your piping system and projects.

Stainless Steel

With excellent corrosion resistance that makes them suitable for harsh environments, stainless steel provide strong, durable support for piping systems and equipment structure in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and food processing industries as well as in construction and fabrication.

Any Size, Any Shape – The Right Structural Products, When You Need Them

The structural materials you need to support your piping system and industrial process equipment come in all shapes and sizes, and whatever shape or size you need, American Stainless is here to provide. As a distributor of diverse PVF products, we partner with the best of the best in manufacturers and fabricators and devote ourselves to our best-in-class quality management system to put you first with peerless service and support from day one.

Steel structural material is extruded to the lengths your application requires, with no weld seam along its length to ensure consistent support. In addition to square and rectangular tubing, our structural products come in many other shapes to suit your needs, including:


These L-shaped structural elements provide support to structural elements in a variety of applications, including building frames, equipment supports, and handrails. Angle metal can withstand heavy loads and can be easily cut and drilled to spec.

Flat Bars

Flat bars are long, flat pieces of material that can withstand heavy loads, making them suitable materials for building frames, equipment supports, and machinery components.

The flat surfaces of these bars provide much utility in applications where stability is essential.


As a structural element, metal grating provides a strong, slip-resistant surface and traction that helps make your work environment and the area around your equipment and machinery safer to traverse.

Grating provides drainage as well, reducing the risk of standing water that can pose health and safety concerns.


Channels provide structural support, framing, and bracing to provide rigidity and stability to your industrial infrastructure, in addition to providing mounting systems for instrumentation and machinery, supports for racks and shelving, and organized cable routing. American Stainless provides channels in various sizes and thicknesses to suit your project’s load-bearing requirements.


Plates are flat and thick, which makes them useful as protective and supportive structural materials for building frames and machine components.

The thickness and strength of plate metal makes it durable and resistant to wear and tear, and like sheet metal, it can be easily machined and cut to fit specific applications.

Round Bars

Round bars are cylindrical rods that can be used to support heavy weights as part of building frames, equipment supports, and machinery components.

The flexibility of these solid rods enables them to be bent and formed into various shapes to suit the particular needs of your application.

Square Bars

Square bars, or square stock, provide reduced slippage compared to round bars, making them more suitable than round bars for particular applications involving machinery and equipment.


Thin, flat pieces of material provide roofing, cladding, and equipment cover for industrial facilities.

Sheets provide durable, weather-resistant protection in harsh environments with minimal maintenance. Sheet metal is easily cut and formed into whichever dimensions your application requires, making it incredibly versatile.

Providing the Gold Standard in Structural Steel

At American Stainless, we devote ourselves to the American Stainless Way – our credo to ensure that our customers get everything they need as soon as possible, at the highest level of quality, with as few surprises and bumps in the road as humanly possible. This is built on our dedication to three things:

Only the best products – We partner with manufacturing and fabrication experts who are as passionate about producing the best square tube, rectangular tube, sheeting, and structural metals as we are about providing the best customer service.

Only the best service – Our quality management system is in a literal league of its own. By adhering to our gold-standard quality system, we ensure that you get same-day service and ASAP delivery and fulfillment – no “milk runs” – so you get you what you need on your timetable, not ours. Every package we send out is carefully and meticulously organized so you can get right to work setting up as soon as it arrives.

Transparent, no-nonsense price quotes – Our customer service professionals and PVF experts work extensively with you to provide accurate, on-time quotes and competitive pricing to ensure there are no surprises when the bill comes.

From commercial contractors to food and beverage facilities, steel and paper mills, pipe fabricators, and chemical and pharmaceutical industry facilities across the American Southeast and nationwide, we’re here to provide the right PVF products for your specific needs, the best PVF products for your needs, and customer service that simply can’t be beat.

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