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Every size, every shape, whenever you need it—when your project calls for stainless steel tubing and pipe, American Stainless is here for you.

The Right Source for Your Stainless Steel Pipe Makes or Breaks a Project

Construction contractors and pipe fabricators across the southeast US know the frustration that comes from PVF suppliers who can’t get high-quality steel tubing and pipe to them quickly when their projects call for it. Delays, cost overruns, unsatisfied clients—the list goes on.

Excellence in PVF supply puts stainless steel tubing right at your fingertips.

The Best American Stainless Steel Pipe and Tubing—It’s Right in Our Name

Can your PVF supplier provide the high-quality stainless steel your pipe system needs to stand up to the rigors of its environment? Is their inventory stocked with just the right parts your project is depending on? Can you trust your supplier to help you keep your projects on schedule and on budget? You can with he Southeast US’s most dependable steel pipe and tube supplier.

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Stainless Steel: A Versatile Material for Pipe and Tube Systems

Pulp and Paper Mills

From corrosive and acidic chemicals used in pulping and bleaching processes to high-pressure steam, stainless steel pipe strength and corrosion resistance provides long-lasting efficiency and safety to paper mills across the Southeast US.

Steel Mills

The durability, high temperature rating, and high pressure tolerances of stainless steel pipe ensure that cooling systems for blast furnaces and rolling mills can effectively and reliably translate cold water and prevent overheating of essential process equipment.


Stainless steel pipe is easy to clean and maintain compared to other pipe materials, making it an excellent solution for production processes that must meet extremely high regulatory standards for hygienic conditions and product purity.

Food and Beverage

Conveying ingredients, water, and various liquid and semi-liquid food products requires hygienic and easily cleanable pipe infrastructure. Stainless steel pipe provides product transport while maintaining food-grade quality standards.

Whatever Your Industry, Get the Stainless Steel Tubing and Pipe You Need

All the Right Shapes, All the Right Sizes

At American Stainless, we maintain a vast inventory of stainless steel pipe and tubing in our branch locations across North and South Carolina, as well as close relationships with America’s leading PVF manufacturers so we can deliver the exact PVF parts your project needs.

No need to make compromises with an almost-right part to fit your complex pipe system just to get a project up and running on time, or risk timeline and budget overruns waiting for just the right piece of the puzzle—we supply all the right sizes and shapes of steel pipe your project requires.

Pipe Sizes:

1/8″ IPS – 48″ OD

Tube Sizes:

1/8″ IPS – 12″ OD

Pipe Schedules:

  • S5

  • S10

  • S40

  • S80

  • S160

  • XH

  • XXH

Tube Wall Thickness:

  • .020″ (25 gauge)

  • .035″ (20 gauge)

  • .049″ (18 gauge)

  • .065″ (16 gauge)

  • .083″ (14 gauge)

  • .120″ (11 gauge)

Superior Value for Superior Stainless Steel

Our close relationships with leading PVF manufacturers mean we provide the highest quality stainless steel pipe and tube, while also ensuring we can price the pipe and tube products you need competitively and avoid hold-ups in the supply chain that can delay your project timetables.

American Stainless provides the products you need to build long-lasting pipe systems without sacrificing quality for price.

Delivery On Your Timeline

The last thing you want in a stainless steel pipe supplier is one who delivers on their schedule and doesn’t seem to care about yours, even when project deadlines are closing in.

Our custom quality system holds us to high standards of not only quality products but also fast order fulfillment and delivery. American Stainless provides same-day service and ASAP procurement and delivery of the pipe and tube you need for your project to succeed—on time.

Industry Expertise and Guidance

Choosing the right stainless steel pipe and steel tubing, especially when one must consider special stainless steel alloys, isn’t always easy, but using an unsuitable pipe size, shape, or material can negatively affect your pipe infrastructure or even your reputation for executing successful projects in the long term.

We help you make the right choice with confidence with for your projects with our extensive knowledge in your industry, recommending materials, sizes, and types of pipe and tube to optimize your projects for longevity, safety, low maintenance costs, and even regulatory compliance.

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