Pipe Supply in Charlotte, NC

From manufacturing and fabrication to municipal plumbing and water treatment, where there’s pipe infrastructure, you’ll find American Stainless—a leading wholesale PVF supplier serving North Carolina.

From Steel Pipe to Plumbing Supply in Charlotte, NC, Speed Is as Important as Quality

Having the right PVF products makes all the difference to keeping your manufacturing, fabrication, and production processes running smoothly—but so does getting the materials you need on time.

Pipe, valves, fittings, and more—American Stainless provides local pipe supply for Charlotte, NC’s booming industries.

We Help You Build Pipe Systems That Stand the Test of Time—Fast

From steel mills and steel companies in Charlotte, NC to manufacturers, contractors, and fabricators in the energy and automotive industry to agribusiness, wherever you’ll find industrial water and steam infrastructure in North Carolina, you’re bound to find us. Our tireless commitment to quality in both products and services keeps pipe infrastructure running smoothly and keeps your projects on time and under budget.

American Stainless – Wholesale Pipe Supply in Charlotte, NC and Beyond

Local and Regional Availability, ASAP

Our branch location provides a vast inventory of varied PVF products and parts.
Our commitment to swift service means local Charlotte contractors and fabricators as well as customers across the Southeast can get whatever pipe and tube supply they need—and all without having to wait on another supply company’s timetable.

Putting the Customer First

Our duty is to build strong, lasting relationships with our customers by providing only the best service. We dedicate ourselves to swift responsiveness when you have urgent questions and needs, impeccable attention to detail in procurement, and superior packaging to ensure that every every order is fulfilled in line with our high standards for excellence.

More Than Just Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a versatile, durable, and strong material for pipe, valves, and fittings, but it isn’t the best material for every application. At American Stainless, we go beyond stainless to a wide range of industrial metals, alloys, and high-grade plastics to provide the right combination of hygiene and high purity, temperature and pressure resilience, weight, and durability to suit your industry’s unique demands.

Sourced from the Best in Breed

We’re committed to ASAP PVF supply, but it doesn’t matter how fast your orders get fulfilled if the products can’t get the job done.

We leverage a network of US and international PVF manufacturers to ensure that every piece of PVF equipment our customers receive, no matter how small, is built to last with a firm commitment to quality and high performance in the line of duty.

See for Yourself the Difference American Stainless Can Make For Your Pipe Supply

At American Stainless, We Do More Than Just Steel Pipe in Charlotte, NC

From steel and paper mills to construction contractors to plumbing pipe fabricators to steel companies in Charlotte, NC, wherever you see industrial pipe, you’ll find American Stainless and our catalogue of high-quality PVF products of all shapes and sizes, all selected from top PVF manufacturers:

Wholesale Plumbing Supply for Charlotte, NC

Our wide range of PVF product offerings include pipe, tubes, valves, fittings, and control and structural accessories perfect for addressing the critical needs of industrial plumbing and water management systems.

Our Charlotte plumbing supply includes various flow control solutions and pipe infrastructure in durable and corrosion-resistant stainless steel or aluminum, biostatic copper, lightweight and environmentally sustainable industrial PVC and CPVC, or special alloys.

Discover Local Industrial Supply in Charlotte, NC

Located near Eagle Lake, our Charlotte branch office provides local manufacturing facilities, contractors, fabricators, and more across the metro Charlotte area and beyond with convenient access to the most critical PVF products for their most critical industrial applications.

American Stainless and Supply
Office Only Branch Location

1833 Cross Beam Dr, Suite D
Charlotte, NC 28217

Phone: +1-800-845-5511

See Why Charlotte, NC Loves to Work With Us

Exploring the American Stainless Proven Process

Our quality system outlines a powerful process that we stand by for proven positive outcomes for all our customers. We make it easy to do business with us, get the answers and products you need, and get right to work as soon as your PVF products arrive in your facility.

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    Tell Us About Your Project

    As soon as you contact us, our customer service pros strive to get in touch as soon as possible to learn as much about your project and its unique needs as possible and make recommendations based on our deep knowledge of your industry.

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    We Find What You Need

    Everything you tell us about your project tells us how to find the perfect PVF products to make your project an on-time, on-budget success. Our close ties to leading manufacturers help us avoid supply chain issues so you get what you need, when you need it

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    You Get Your Products

    We are focused on fast order fulfillment without sacrificing quality, dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction. As soon as your order arrives, our organized packaging ensures you can get to work immediately without rummaging around for the right part.

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