Wholesale Pipe Supply in Florence, SC

Experience the gold standard in steel pipe and steel fab in Florence, SC. American Stainless connects industries across Florence to the PVF supply you need to get the job done.

Your Industrial Pipe Supply Can’t Wait for the Perfect Part

Construction, manufacturing, and fabrication projects across Florence, no matter the industry, all have one thing in common: It’s not enough to get the right PVF products you need. Keeping your projects running smoothly, on-time, and on-budget, means getting the right PVF products, when you need them, too.

From steel pipe and tube supply to heavy-duty support materials to industrial plastic products, American Stainless provides the right products at the right time.

Industry Thrives in Florence, SC—and So Do We

Florence boasts a diverse and dynamic array of industries from automotive and aerospace manufacturing to agribusiness and food and beverage processing. Wherever you find industry, you’ll find mission-critical pipe infrastructure—and wherever you find pipe in the southeastern US, you’ll find American Stainless. We are a go-to supplier for businesses across Florence and the greater Southeast:

Steel Mills

Pulp & Paper

Pipe Fabricators


Food & Beverage



Why Turn to American Stainless for Wholesale Pipe Supply in Florence, SC?

We Provide What You Need, When You Need It

We are the best and fastest pipe supply for Florence, SC fabricators, contractors, and manufacturers. Out of our Florence branch location’s well-stocked inventory, we get you the PVF products your project needs on your timetable—not anybody else’s.

No “milk runs,” just ASAP delivery to cater to your project’s deadlines.

Truly Customer-First Customer Service

Our Florence branch location caters to the needs of local construction contractors, steel fab, and manufacturers spanning a diverse spectrum of industries.

Our representatives have a vast store of knowledge of your industry, enabling us to carefully craft tailored solutions to meet your specific material and process requirements.

We Go Beyond Steel Pipe in Florence, SC

Stainless is in our name, but it’s not all we do. The diverse needs of your industry demand stainless and carbon steel, aluminum, industrial and food-grade plastics, copper, and special alloys—and we deliver.

Our comprehensive selection of materials is ready to meet your project’s unique needs for durability, longevity, high purity, temperature and pressure rating, and beyond.

We Are Your Gateway to Leading American PVF Manufacturers

Our branch location for pipe supply in Florence, SC connects you to the best in reputable, industry-leading PVF manufacturers across the US.

Everything you need, we provide wholesale—from manufacturers who are as dedicated to producing high-quality products as we are to providing PVF solutions to customers across the Carolinas.

See for Yourself the Difference American Stainless Can Make For Your Pipe Supply

More Than Just Stainless, More Than Just Pipe

We do more than steel pipe in Florence, SC. Machinery manufacturing, construction, municipal utilities and water treatment, food and beverage processing—across the manufacturing hub of Florence, SC, we can provide all the PVF products you need, in any size, shape, or schedule, and a wide range of support and infrastructure materials to fit your vital pipe systems like a glove.

Take Full Advantage of Wholesale PVF Supply for Steel Fab in Florence, SC

Florence steel fabricators can count on American Stainless to provide a convenient local source of PVF products that makes it easier to stay competitive on costs, customize products to meet unique project requirements, consolidate the sourcing and procurement process for your materials, and maintain the quality and integrity of your projects.

Transforming Industrial Pipe Supply in Florence, SC and Beyond

Our branch location in Florence puts wholesale pipe supply from leading manufacturers right at local manufacturers’ and contractors’ fingertips. Located just off of US-76 via W Palmetto St and Celebration Blvd, American Stainless can quickly address the needs of local metro Florence customers as well as customers across South Carolina.

American Stainless and Supply
Florence Branch – Office Only

2517 South Cashua Drive,
Florence, SC 29501

Phone: +1-800-845-5511

See Why Florence Loves to Work With Us

Getting Started with American Stainless Is Easy

Fabricators and contractors across the wide breadth of industries in Florence can rest easy with our proven process that leads to the best PVF solutions for our client’s projects, delivered on their timelines with over 98% on-time and accurate order fulfillment.

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    Tell Us About Your Project

    Our customer service specialists bring their extensive industry knowledge to you.

    Tell us what you’re working on and we’ll help you understand exactly what you need to make it happen.

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    We Find What You Need

    We’ll analyze your request, budget, and timeline to find the perfect PVF products for your project.

    Thanks to our extensive inventory and close ties with leading manufacturers, whatever you need, we can get.

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    100% Customer Satisfaction

    Your order will arrive, thoughtfully packaged for your benefit and on the fastest realistic time scale.

    This is such an important element of our services that we implement a quality system that is literally in a league of its own to ensure it.

Take Advantage of the Ultimate in Wholesale Pipe Supply in Florence, SC

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