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Pipe, valves, fittings, and more — American Stainless provides the PVF supplies you need in the right sizes, schedules, and materials to suit your project’s unique needs across the greater Cheraw area.

Reliable Steel Pipe Supply is Nearby

From construction contractors to manufacturing and fabrication facilities and beyond, having the right PVF products for your projects when you need it is essential to prevent project delays and cost overruns and keep your workplace running smoothly and safely.

At American Stainless, we’re proud to offer unparalleled steel and aluminum pipe supply and more from the Prettiest Town in Dixie all across the southeastern United States.

Reliable Pipe and Fitting Supply, When You Need It

Headquartered in Cheraw, SC, American Stainless and Supply connects industrial businesses across US Southeast to leading PVF manufacturers. Among pipe, valve, and fitting distributors, we are unique in our total commitment to supplying you with the best products ASAP.




American Stainless – Trusted Pipe Suppliers in Cheraw, South Carolina

ASAP Service and On-Time Order Fulfillment

Project timelines in your industry are tight, so we work on your schedule to provide the pipe and fitting supply your projects need. Our service team assesses your unique needs and gets your order started same-day, and our league-of-its-own quality system ensures prompt delivery.

Deep Industry Knowledge that Works for You

Local Cheraw construction contractors, pipe fabricators, and manufacturers in a wide range of industries can depend on the experts at American Stainless to leverage experience with your industry’s unique material needs and processes to make sure your project’s unique needs are met.

Providing Any PVF Materials You Need

We do more than just stainless steel. Fabricators and contractors in Cheraw need the right materials for their pipe infrastructure. Our PVF supplies come in stainless and carbon steel, copper, aluminum, food- and pharmaceutical-grade PVC, and special alloys to meet unique industry needs.

Bringing Leading Pipe Manufacturers Near You

We pride ourselves on connecting our customers to only the best PVF manufacturers. Our steel pipe supply and other products come from manufacturers across the US whose passion and commitment to exceptional product quality rivals our passion for customer service.

Discover the difference American Stainless makes for businesses in Cheraw, SC.

Get Steel, Copper, PVC, and Aluminum Pipe, Valves, and Fittings and More

Our Cheraw headquarters and branch locations across the Carolinas boast a massive inventory and speedy sourcing from our manufacturers to provide all of the PVF products your project needs, in just the right sizes, types, and materials.

Cheraw, South Carolina — Home of the Best in Pipe, Valve, and Fitting Distributors

At American Stainless, we’re proud to call the Prettiest Town in Dixie our home. Cheraw’s rich history is our heritage. Like Cheraw native Dizzy Gillespie, we’re dedicated to bringing innovation and creativity into everything we do to brighten the day of those around us. You’ll find our corporate headquarters at 815 State Road, just off Chesterfield Highway.

American Stainless and Supply

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Contractors and Fabricators in Cheraw Love to Work With Us

How to Get Started with American Stainless

We bring our proven process for success to fabricators and contractors across the greater Cheraw area. Working with us for your pipe and fitting supply is as easy as 1-2-3.

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    Tell Us About Your Project

    We’ll leverage our extensive experience and knowledge of your industry to help you design a plan that will keep your project and infrastructure humming.

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    We Find Just What You Need

    We’ll analyze your request, budget, and timeline to find the perfect products to meet your unique needs. Our massive inventory and superior packaging makes it easy to find what you need, when you need it.

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    100% Customer Satisfaction

    From initial quote to post-sale support, we strive for 100% customer satisfaction. And, with our AMS QS 2011 promise, your order will arrive RIGHT and ON TIME.

Get the Steel, Copper, Pvc, and Aluminum Pipe You Need from the Platinum Standard in Cheraw, SC Pipe Suppliers

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