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Market Analysis: October 2006

Base prices on stainless pipe have not changed since the August 7th increase. There was an increase actually published but it was later rescinded due to misinterpretations between the raw material mills and the pipe manufacturers. We do, however, expect another base increase between now and the end of the year.

Surcharges for October increased another 14% (see graph) but will come back slightly in both alloys in November. At this writing, December surcharges have not been released.

Lead times for large diameter (14” and up), if not in stock, are now running 36 to 42 weeks. Lead times for commodity sizes (1/2” to 12”), if not in stock, are running 8 to 12 weeks on average. There is...

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Market Analysis: June 2006

Base prices on stainless steel pipe increased for the fourth time this year with a 6 to 9% hike on May 15. This represents approximately a 30% rise in price since March 1. The increasing costs of raw materials, transportation and manufacturing are contributing to this steep incline.

Since our last announcement in April, surcharges actually decreased a little in May. But hold on--- They are going to jump up in June and by the end of July, we expect that the surcharges will have increased by 33% over April’s numbers.

As we stated in April, stainless steel fittings, flanges and related items will be increasingsoon. Percentages at this time are unknown.

Pricing on...

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Market Analysis: April 2006

The following market analysis is complements of Tom Sheeler:

Base prices on stainless steel pipe increased 6 – 9% March 1st, 5% on April 3rd and 8.5% on April 10th. This is due to increased cost in manufacturing, raw materials, energy and freight. There are also indications of another increase in May or June.

Surcharges on 304/L have continued to rise each month since December. The surcharge for April is .717/lb.

Surcharges on 316/L have been up and down and are up in April to 1.445/lb.

As surcharges and raw material prices on stainless pipe continue to rise, we expect price increases in related products such as buttweld fittings, flanges, pressure fittings, etc....

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