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The Core Focus of American Stainless is to create an unrivaled customer experience in industrial PVF distribution. We accomplish this by adhering to our values which are as much a part of us as we are of our families.

Customer Focused

Our first thought when addressing a request from a customer is “how can we make this happen?”. We are problem solvers and if by chance we determine we cannot meet their demands, we quickly alert them with total candor.

While many of us have little if any direct contact with our customers, we realize that every function, responsibility and action will ultimately affect their experience with us. When an industrial contractor gets in a pinch and needs some material delivered to their job site two hours away on a Saturday, it often takes a salesman, a picker and a driver, working together, to meet the special need. Only one of them will likely get the glory.

With an Accurate/On-Time Delivery rating consistently over 98%, we know our customers can depend on us to come through for them. Many in our industry though are driven just to be more efficient, even to the point where the customer is inconvenienced or harmed. For American Stainless, however, Customer Focused means customer first.


When we are both willing and able to do our work at a high level, our passion is released from within. It’s easy to spot. We work with a sense of purpose and accomplishment. We care.

Our customers feel this too. When our driver bumps the dock of an industrial plant on time, with a smile on his face and a willingness to lend a hand, it gets noticed and remembered and it shines a positive light on the company and all who work here. A sour disposition is also noticed but its light is a bit dimmer.


Successful companies are made of successful people and a common trait among successful people is a desire for learning, growing and improving on their craft. Michael Jordan, at the top of his game once said, “I believe greatness is an evolutionary process that changes and evolves.” He was the best in the world and yet trying to get better. Of course, he also said he never lost a game. He just ran out of time.

A growth-oriented person is a salesman who looks doggedly for a solution to a customer’s problem. It’s a buyer who seeks a unique way for both parties to win. It’s a picker who looks for ways to save steps. And it’s an accounting clerk who sees collections as a means to increase sales.

The relationship between individual growth and company growth is reciprocal in that each feeds the other.


Vince Lombardi identified it as “individual commitment to a group effort.” Anyone who has watched a fair bit of professional sports has likely seen the opposite of this where superstar players cannot find cohesion and lose to lesser talented teams.

Teamwork at its best has a multiplier effect where the group is able to achieve to a level far higher than its members can on their own. More importantly, this concept works in the opposite direction equally as well. That is, as the team gets stronger, the individuals benefit more than they can on their own.

This value of American Stainless goes hand-in-hand with being growth-oriented. That is to say that if we truly want to grow and become masters of our craft, we must give the team our greatest effort.

When everything else is chipped away, these core values are what is left. It is who we are and what we believe. All who wish to join us on our journey must innately possess these qualities as they are very tough to teach. But with these values at our core, we are able to focus on creating an unrivaled customer experience in our industry and grow to be the leader of all regional PVF distributors in the Southeast. Enjoy the journey!