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Powerblanket Product Details

Curing & Frozen Ground Thawing

Manufacturer: Powerblanket


Thaw 8” -18” of ground overnight! Power with any 20 amp outlet. 8 blanket sizes to choose from. Only pennies a day to operate! Powerblanket will thaw frozen ground up to 5000% cheaper than other conventional ground heating systems (including propane, glycol, etc).

Product Types:

  • 4’X5’ Ground Thawer
    Specially designed for masons to keep sand piles warm, but versatile enough to be used to heat rooms, equipment, cabins, patios & porches. It thaws, heats, cures & melts FAST!

  • The 11x23 full-size Powerblanket
    Curing Blanket comes ready to use. Plug it in and watch it go to work FAST! The innovative heat spreading technology acts as a wet cure which completely eliminates cracking and defects. It accelerates curing time in both cold & warm weather conditions. Even colored concrete projects are finished with ease.

  • Multi-Duty 3'x25' Heat, Thaw, Cure

  • Extra-Hot 4'x4' Ground Thawer

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