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Lined Steel System Product Details

Fluor Polymer and Polyolefin Lined Steel

Manufacturer: Fusibond


Fusibond has developed the most modern equipment and process in the industry –the “fusion-Bond” system. This state of the art molding is the only way to be sure of the same seamless uniform plastic wall thickness in plastic lined pipe fittings that are standard in everyone’s plastic lined pipe.

      PP (Polypropylene)  - locked liner  -20 to 225 F
      KYAR (PVDF)  - locked liner  -20 to 275 F
      ECTFE (Halar)  - locked liner  -20 to 300 F
      ETFE (Tefzel/Fusion Bonded) - locked liner -20 to 302 F
      PTFE (Tedlon/Polytetrafluoroethylene) - loose liner  -20 to 500 F
      MPFA/PFA (Teflon Perfluoroalkoxy)  - locked liner  -20 to 500 F

The piping systems are available in the traditional loose liner technology but also stress relieved locked liner systems that offers you the opportunity to engineer a fluoropolymer systems based on your service conditions instead of just what is available.

Product Types:

  • Most complete size range through 12”, Including ½”, ¾”, 1 1/4'’, 2 ½” & 5”
  • Plastic linings available in: HDPE, PPL, PVDF, ECTFE, ETFE, PTFE, PFA
  • Teflon spacers - single or double taper, full face or ring, lined
  • Custom fabrication of dip tubes, spargers, manifolds, fittings

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