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BPE Fittings Product Details

BPE Fittings

Manufacturer: Genstreme Sanitary Fittings


American Stainless & Supply offers custom fittings of any configuration can be fabricated to your specifications. The following list of fittings are standard items and available in either SFF1 or SFF4 finishes with documentation to comply with BPE standards.

Fittings are manufactured to meet the following standards:
SFF1 = surface finish of 20 Ra Mechanical ID with 32 Ra Mechanical OD (mechanical polished)
SFF4 = surface finish of 15 Ra Mechanical ID with 32 Ra Mechanical OD (mechanical polished & electropolished)

Note: The electropolishing process produces a smoother ID and reduces the Ra rating to 15.

Product Types:

  • 90 degree elbows - automatic tri-weld & tri-clamp ferrule ends
  • Concentric reducers - automatic tri-weld & tri-clamp ferrule ends
  • Eccentric reducers - automatic tri-weld & tri-clamp ferrule ends
  • Equal and reducing crosses - automatic tri-weld & tri-clamp ferrule ends
  • Use point fittings (180 degrees) side outlet and bottom outlet
  • Equal tees, reducing tees, short outlet reducing tees, instrument tees
  • Adapters - hose barb, female threaded, male threaded, custom fabricated
  • Short ferrules and automatic tri-weld ferrules by tri-clamp ends
  • End caps - solid tri-clamp & automatic tri-weld end caps
  • Clamps - 304 SS, 2 hinge, 3 hinge, heavy duty

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